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playing pianos filled with flames

absences i have

1st period: 1
2nd period: 2
4th period: 5
5th period: 2
6th period: 2
7th period: 4
8th period: 3

my soundtrack if i made a movie:

Opening credits: bob schneider - moon song
Waking up: the specials - too hot
Average day: ghetto boys - damn it feels good to be a gangstah
First date: bob marley - stir it up
Falling in love: jhonny and santos - sleepwalking
Love scene: bright eyes - something vague
Fight scene: glassjaw - cosmopolitan blood loss
Breaking up: air - playground love
Getting back together: neutral milk hotel - king of carrot flowers pt1.
Secret love: tommy james and the shondells - crimson and clover
Life's okay: beck - beercan
Mental breakdown: reverend horten heat - gin and tonic blues
Driving: billie holiday and lester young - last year's kisses
Learning a lesson: beck - cold brains
Deep thought: radiohead - karma police
Flashback: mos def - def poetry
Partying: flogging molly - salty dog
Happy dance:neutral milk hotel - holland, 1945
Regreting: sage francis - message sent
Long night alone: the black keys - everywhere i go
Death scene: johnny cash - when the man comes around
Closing credits: modest mouse - polar opposites

this life is not for the weak of spirit
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